Tuesday, July 1, 2014



One of my favorite things to do with E is cuddle up with her and read books. She could read book after book for hours on end. I am quite the little bookworm myself, so when she says she wants to read I am all for it. I have so many memories when I was younger of my Mom and Dad reading to me. I remember those moments and I will forever cherish those. Nothing in the world compared to snuggling up next to my Mom or Dad while they read me a story. Every night we have our bedtime story reading routine. Before putting E into bed she says "Mama..can we read stories together?" as she looks up at me with her big brown eyes. The way she looks at me makes it so hard for me to say no, even on those nights when she has had a long nap at school and probably won't fall asleep until 10 and I still have to shower and get ready for work the next day. Her favorites right now are the books that make noises and the ones that have the mystery pops with pictures underneath. She also love to look at the pictures and come up with the story on her own. Some of the things she comes up with just make me smile and laugh hysterically. I love these sweet moments with her. It makes me feel like a kiddo all over again!

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