Friday, June 6, 2014


Her: "Mama, I want to fly!"
Me: "You need wings to fly baby girl"
Her: "Okay..well lets go buy some at the store so we can!!"

Her: "Mama, did you eat your food all gone?"
Me: "Yup. It's in my tummy right now"
Her: "Can I see??"

To her cousins at Sunday dinner: "Come on kids, come on kids!"

Every night............
Her: "Mama, is it shower-time?"
Me: "Yup it's shower-time"
Her: "And then cuddles and you sing?"
Me: "Yes honey, Mama will cuddle and sing to you"

Me: "Okay lets pray for the food"
Her: "I want to pray!"
Me: "Okay go ahead"
(we all sit and wait and then she looks at me)
Her: "Noooo...YOU talk!"

When Josh or I say something like you're so silly or you're too funny..
"Nope! I am (she says her name) and I'm 4!" (while holding 4 fingers up)

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