Monday, June 9, 2014


Myth: Most children in foster care have had dozens of placements.
Reality: The average number of placements for a foster child is around three.

Myth: I have no control over which children I'm asked to foster.
Reality: You can't choose the specific child that you would like to foster, but you can narrow it down to what you would be interested in. Age, gender, and ethnicity. 

Myth: I cant be a foster parent if I have a full-time job outside of the home. 
Reality: You don't need to be a stay at home Mother to foster! If the child requires daycare, that is paid for

Myth: As a foster parents, I will receive little to no support from the State. 
Reality: You receive a reimbursement for food, clothing, medical, dental, counseling services and daycare.

Myth: I am not allowed to adopt any of the children that I foster. 
Reality: While slightly more than half of the children who enter foster care return to their birth families, there are still thousands of children who cannot return home. Of the 51,000 children in foster care last year, 54 percent were adopted by their foster parents. 

Myth: It's really hard to become a foster parent.
Reality: It's not as hard as you think. Yes there is training and a TON of paperwork but its SO worth it in the end!

Myth: You have to be married to be a foster parent. 
Reality: Everyone is welcome. People who cohabit, divorced or single may become foster parents.

Myth: Biological parents are "bad" people who should never be allowed to get their child or children back.
Reality: Biological parents love their children but they are having difficulties maintaining their safety and well-being. DCF ensures the safety of children, while helping parents access the resources and services they need to help overcome their current circumstances. The department works with biological parents, caregivers and community providers to assist with reunification when appropriate. However, when reunification is not at all possible, the department looks to place a child into an adoptive home.

Myth: Adopting a child through foster care is expensive.
Reality: Adopting a child through foster care is virtually free. Many agencies do not charge for the services they provide to families who are adopting a child from foster care. 

Myth: Children in foster care have too much "baggage."
Reality: This is one of the biggest myths of all. Children in foster care, just like all children, have ENORMOUS potential to thrive given love, patience and a stable environment. 

Myth: I can’t be a foster parent because I would get too attached. It would be too hard to see them leave. (This is the most asked question I get)
Reality: It’s true — you WILL get attached, and it will be painful when children you love leave. But these children have suffered through things no child should ever face, and they need the love and care foster parents provide when they open their hearts and homes. When God calls you to do His work, He’s going to make sure you’re equipped to do it.

Are you a foster parent? Would you ever consider becoming a foster parent? 

Have questions? Comment below, I would love to hear from you!!

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