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Hi!  My name is Jen and Matt and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple almost 13 years ago after I graduated from Southern Utah University.  A year later we moved to Phoenix, Arizona so Matt could attend dental school at A.T. Still University.  During school, we were blessed with two, rowdy little boys, and a year after Matt graduated dental school we were blessed with a third little boy.  A short 8 months later I could not believe I was expecting again.  I almost didn't dare even hope for a girl, but our wildest dreams came true and we were blessed with a princess in 2009.  One more baby blessed our family in 2012.

4 months after the birth of our son, I had a seizure in a grocery store.  My husband insisted we go to the ER and when we got to the hospital they ended up admitting me and performing several tests.  Never in a million years did we expect to hear that my seizure was caused by a malignant brain tumor.  We were beyond devastated.  Who was going to raise my babies?  My newborn?  What was going to happen?  I was not ready to die!

We do not believe for one second that it was a coincidence that we chose to attend dental school in Phoenix.  We would have never decided to build a practice and live here had we not gone to school here.  Barrow Neurology is one of the best neurological hospitals in the world and we live 40 miles away.  My surgery, radiation and chemo has all been through Barrow and we could not feel more blessed or be happier with my success.  The cancer I have is bad (Stage 3)--my doctors give me 3-5 years to live, but I am doing so well we cannot imagine that statistic being true.  In the meantime, I live each day to the fullest and remember that life is a gift we must cherish.

My Heavenly Father wrapped His arms around me and carried me through the most unimaginable trial of my life and I could not have made it without Him.

What is hope?
Hope is the ability want something enough to keep going.  Hope is what got me through my trial.  Hope is what gets me through everyday.  When times are hard, hope will get you through the next minute.  When times are good, hope can keep your future bright.  Without hope we have nothing.  I had many dark days where I would BEG my Heavenly Father to take my cancer away.  I would cry and plead with Him for hours until it suddenly hit me that this trial is His will for me and I needed to let it go.  Instead of hoping for a miracle cure for cancer, I needed to become at peace within myself and hope for a "good day tomorrow", hope to instill the proper truths and values in my children now so if I do pass away, they will carry those on.  Hope is a raw and beautiful emotion that I've become very familiar with.

How do I live my faith?
I pray to be an example to others everyday.  I believe in the power of prayer with ALL of my heart.  I am far from perfect, but try to speak kindly, include others, have patience (this one is the hardest for me!) and be loving to those around me.  I serve in the Young Women and really love it.  I read my scriptures daily and try to teach my children Gospel Principles as often as I can.  I love the Gospel and truly, truly cannot imagine my life without it.  How blessed we are to have a loving Father in Heaven and a Savior and an atonement.  My heart is so full when I think of all of my incredible blessings.  

Thank you for this opportunity Kimberly!  

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