Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Goodwill Goodies: $1 H&M Jeans

Okay you have to admit...a $1 pair of jeans is really something to get excited about..and you bet I was! Last week when I was shopping at Goodwill over my lunch hour, I was sifting through the jeans and came across a cute pair of H&M jeans that were in great condition. As I was holding them up to look at them, one of the Goodwill associates got over the loud speaker and said "Good afternoon Goodwill shoppers, today all blue tags are just $ find those blue tags and pay JUST $1.00"! I immediately looked at the jeans and this cute polka-dot blouse that was in my cart to see if they had blue tags. The blouse didn't, but the jeans did! Booyah! Looks like $1.00 Thursdays is going to be my Goodwill shopping day!!!

H&M Jeans: $1.00
Polka-Dot Blouse(Target) $3.99

Total Outfit Cost: $4.99

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