Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brilliant Earth: Personality Style Challenge

Jaimie, a Community Outreach Coordinator from Brilliant Earth, recently approached me to join their Personality Style Challenge. Ethically sourced diamonds and engagement rings are their forte. Their mission is to acquire conflict-free diamonds from ethical sources and to donate 5% of profits to help communities harmed by the jewelry industry build a brighter future. 

For the Brilliant Earth Personality Style Challenge, a group of selected bloggers were provided with background information on several different “personality styles,” along with corresponding Brilliant Earth accessories for each personality. Each of us had to pick our favorite category and create a fashion style board or mood board surrounding our theme. They gave us the opportunity to style our board however we would like and they will be selecting their three favorites to feature on their Brilliant Earth Pinterest page.

Personality styles include: 

I love all of these different personality styles, so it was definitely hard to choose just one. I decided to choose the vintage dress and thrift store shopping personality style. For one, I am obsessed with dresses and skirts and two I am  a thrift shopping queen! More than half of my closet is thrift find from SAVERS, Goodwill, Turn Style, and my Sisters Closet. I get especially excited when I find designer items for anywhere from $5-$10. I can go in with $50 and come out with a bag full of clothes! 

Style Challenge

Earrings: Promenade Earrings
Middle Ring: 18K White Gold Eternity Diamond Ring
End Ring: 18K White Gold Hudson Ring

What kind of girl are you?

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