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Packing to save money and stay fashionable wherever you go??

With airlines constantly increasing their baggage fees, light packing is becoming more and more important.  While this might mean you can’t bring everything you want, you don’t need to sacrifice your fashion style to shave a few pounds off your bag.  By following a few simple tips and tricks, you can pack light, but still look great no matter where you go!

1. Think Multi-functional
The more multi-functional objects you pack, the easier it will be to fit everything you need.  A great way to save space and reduce clutter is to consider bringing beauty and hair products that do more than one thing.  For example, a bottle of combination make up remover, facial cleanser and moisturizer turns three items into one.  The same applies for shampoo-conditioner or moisturizing sunscreen. 

Choosing the right articles of clothing can have similar results.  For example, consider bringing a bathrobe (you can find a huge variety of bathrobes at  By bringing one of these, not only will you be able to easily cover up if you are sharing a hotel room, but it can double as a towel, a blanket for cold hotels, and when packing, you can wrap up fragile electronics or souvenirs in the robe to protect them.  By focusing on packing multipurpose products and garments to cover the basics, you may be able to free up room for your new set of shoes or whatever else you would like to bring.

2. Accessory Packing Tips
While it can be hard to pick just one necklace to bring with you, it can be even harder to untangle ten of them.  To keep your necklaces from knotting up together, you can thread one end of the necklace through a straw and then bring it around to clasp the other end (if the straw is too long just cut it).  Then just throw the necklaces in a small bag together and they should stay tangle free. 

There is no way to ruin the start of a trip by opening up your bag and finding everything covered in shampoo. To prevent your lotions, hair product, etc. from leaking, take the caps off, place a strip of plastic wrap over the opening, and then screw the cap back on.  This way even if the lid flips open, your clothes may still be safe.

3.  Mix and match wardrobes
You may not be able to bring your whole closet, but if you only bring matching clothes, you will have plenty of outfits to choose from.  For example, three tops and four bottoms can easily fit in a carry-on bag.  However, they can be combined into an astounding twelve outfits (keeping them clean for long enough to get through all of them is up to you though).  An easy technique that may help everything match is to keep everything neutral, or one of a few colors that match.  That way you can keep maintaining new looks while staying light on the luggage.

4. Bring an extra bag
Maybe you can fit everything you need to start your trip into a carry on or one piece of checked luggage.  However, if you can just barely squeeze your clothes in, you probably will not have any extra room for clothes, souvenirs, or gifts that you may want to bring back from your trip.  Because of this, it can always be a good idea to bring a small compact bag that you can add more items to in case you bring back more than you left with.

5.  Upgrade --- if the price is right
Purchasing a first class ticket might cost you an arm and a leg.  However, upgrading from coach sometimes be very reasonable.  Also, on many airlines upgrading can allow you to bring an extra checked bag for free or raises the weight limit.  If you are unable to pack everything you need in a carry on, have multiple bags, or arrive at the airport just to realize that your luggage is overweight, it is well worth asking how much it would cost to upgrade.  If you are lucky, it may even be less than the overweight penalties or baggage fees --- and of course, you get to fly in style! 

Traveling can already be difficult, with flight delays, unexpected expenses, and navigating new places.  However, staying stylish while you do all this doesn’t have to be difficult.  By following these tips, you may be able to save money and look great, no matter where you go! 

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