Wednesday, May 8, 2013

3 Year Anniversary Staycation in Pictures

Yesterday we celebrated our 3 year Anniversary.

Early Monday night we went out to dinner 
and then checked into the Westin Resort

We took a sunset walk around the entire resort, 
drank sparkling cider, ate chocolate covered strawberries, 
watched a movie, talked, laughed, and had fun just being together.

Shadow was able to stay at the resort with us too which
was nice so we didn't have to spend the money to board him.
He was pampered also with a goose down doggy bed, 
doggy treats, and his very own doggy dishes for food and water. 

The best part about the entire staycation was not only did I get
 to spend it with the love of my life, but all of it was FREE

God is so good! What a blessing!

Yesterday we both had the day off work so we spent the entire day together.
We went out to a nice lunch, shopping and then to dinner last night with my family.

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