Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Goodwill Goodies & 7 Thrifting Tips

Hello lovelies! I hope that the start to your week is fabulous and very productive. 

I am sure most of you have noticed in my outfit posts, that a majority if not all of my outfits are thrifted.
My two go-to places for finding the best items are Goodwill and SAVERS. Sometimes I can go and find
absolutely nothing at all, sometimes I find just a few items, and sometimes I hit the jackpot and come
out with a haul of goodies. Those days are my favorite! Since I love thrifting so much, I thought I would 
start sharing some of my finds with you on this little space of mine. Below are also 7 thrifting tips for you too!

BCBG Pink Heels (mint condition) // Purple Beaded Flower Bracelet // Mason Jar Hand Wash (never opened)

Total Spent: $10.00
  1. Go regularly
Thrift stores put out new inventory daily, so it pays to go in frequently for great finds. 
I try and go at least once a week. 

2. Sale & discount days 
Find out if the Thrift store has sale/discount days were you can get a percentage off of certain items or your total purchase. My "go-to" Thrift Store on Tuesdays and Fridays are 25% each item with my rewards card. On Thursdays, its 50% off red marked tags. Score!

3. Keep an open mind
Sometimes Thrifting can be very overwhelming and you can run across items that you think wont fit or maybe a home decor piece that is a little roughed up. Don't pay attention to sizes. You can always find something that's a little to big or small that will only need minor alteration to make it work! As far as home decor there is always paint!

4. Keep a wish list of wants and needs
I have a small notebook in my purse that I keep a list of items I am on the lookout for.

5. Only buy what you really love 
I double check my finds before going through the checkout just to make sure that everything I'm purchasing I love and know I will wear it or use it. Most Thrift stores only accept exchange if you need to return something. I have made the mistake many times of not trying clothes on and getting home and having it not fit. So make sure you love it and it fits!

6. Dig...dig...dig!!
This is probably the most important tip. Thrift stores have massive amounts of "stuff"
It's not like a regular store that you can just go into, see something and buy it right away. 
For the most part most Thrift stores organize it in sections (jeans, long-sleeve tops, short-sleeve tops, dresses, skirts) but you have to dig to find the treasures. Most of the brands I find a lot of are Juicy, Banana Republic, GAP, Ann Taylor, F21, and BCBG. I pay anywhere from $3-$8 a top.

7. Look over each item and question each item before buying
Take a look at the item and make sure there are no rips, tears or stains before buying.
I also make sure that I will really wear the item I am buying. When Thrifting, I have found it to be so easy to just buy something just to buy it because its such a great deal. I don't do that anymore! Now I picture what I could wear it with and how much use I will get out of it. You don't want to buy something to have it just sit in your closet!
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