Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's To 2014!

I hope all of you had a safe and Happy New Years last night. Josh had to work an event until ten, but 
made it home just in time for a big smooch at midnight....the perfect way to end 2013 if you ask me!
Wow...2014! Where did 2013 go? I appreciate and feel so very blessed for what 2013 brought us.
All of the ups, downs, struggles, and unexpected happenings and adventures. I grew a lot, I became
even stronger, I overcame things that I thought I couldn't, and my faith increased more than ever.
Thanks be to God.

This year is going to be a GREAT one! I can just feel it! There are so many different changes, adventures, experiences, challenges, and struggles that I already know we are going to have to face..and I am so ready for all of it! One of the biggest happenings that we are so excited for is in just a few short months. We will finally have a little kiddo running around our house...maybe two kiddos?!?! We are certified and have just a few more things to complete and then the "waiting" process begins. Waiting for the call. I'm thinking that I will be learning a lot of PATIENCE this year. I will be an instant Mommy and I cannot wait!

So here's to 2014! I am ready for you!

Here's to worrying less and trusting God even more. Here's to serving more and paying special attention to others that need to be uplifted, need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. Here's to focusing on things that really matter......things eternal. Here's to relaxing more and working a bit less. Here's to trusting that God has bigger plans for us and allowing him to just take control. Here's to new adventures and experiences in 2014!

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