Friday, August 30, 2013

Just 3 More

Just 3 more classes until we are finished with foster care training! We still have to take a 2 hour CPR and car seat class, personal interviews, and house inspection...then we will be licensed and certified foster parents! I am very excited, hopeful, and a little nervous to be honest to take on this HUGE challenge and responsibility. I know that sometimes..maybe alot of times, God  gives us more than we can handle. The purpose of our pain, struggles, sorrows, challenges, weaknesses and trials is to make us rely and turn more to Him for help and so that His great power is made evident in our weaknesses-when we can't handle more. When we are able to continue and survive with peace in the midst of tribulation, others wont see us, they will see Him. I am so very grateful for this wonderful opportunity and all of the knowledge that we have received that is going to help us so much....and not only will it be helpful for these foster children, but also helpful for us when we have our own kiddos too. Like I said before in my first foster training post, I really think that they should offer these free classes to any parents or "to be" parent(s) who would be interested. Well here's to foster parenting and a 3 day weekend!! 

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