Thursday, July 18, 2013


 Happy Thursday my lovely friends!

I finally got my first food review! Woot! Woot!

I was contacted a few weeks ago and was asked if I wanted to do a review for
Old World Gourmet. Old World Gourmet is an upscale food and beverage company with unique, innovative products. Founded in September 2001 by DeAnna Sullivan, the Georgia-based company continuously invents new recipes that take ordinary flavors to extraordinary sensations. One of its most popular products, the Vino-Licious line of frozen wine mixers, is the first of its kind and makes any bottle of wine a delicious adult slushie.
OWG also offers gourmet snacks like the Original Cracker Smack that adds flavor to any sleeve of crackers, and unique mixes that turn a bottle of beer or wine into a hearty loaf of bread. OWG products are sold online and in fine gift retailers across the country. 

I was able to pick two samples to review and try out. Since I don't drink at all, I decided to choose the Cracker Smack Seasoning Mix and the Raging Raspberry Lemonade . When I got my samples in the mail, the first thing I noticed and I was impressed with was the quality and creativeness of the packaging of the products. I also love the cost of their products, the Cracker Mix is $5.00 + shipping and the the Lemonade is $4.00 + shipping. 

These products were easy to make and the directions were simply to follow along.
The lemonade was very sweet and had a great taste to it. I am not a big fan of anything that is spicy..I am talking not even a little bit of spice. My husband on the other hand LOVES spicy and hot stuff. If he could put spicy sauce on everything...believe me he would!
He ate a few of the crackers and really loved the taste and the kick of spice that they had. 


2 qt. pitcher. I couldn't find my cute glass one from 
Ross, so this will have to do. Gotta love the Dollar Tree!

 Anchor shirt: Skip N' Whistle // Heart PJ's: Old Navy

 YUMMY!! So refreshing and tasty! This is so perfect for the summertime!

We have a GIANT box of saltine crackers from Costco that look like this. (We bought them in the clearance section at Costco for only $4.99 and they don't expire until next year) They are individually packaged so I had to Google how many crackers are in a sleeve. What's your guess? How many do you think?..................................... 40 crackers. 
You learn something new everyday!

Visit Old World Gourmet

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