Monday, November 3, 2014

I Am a Mormon Monday

About Me:
Hi there! My name is Harley and I blog over at Harley and Jane. My friend Jane and I started blogging about two years ago when we realized that we probably wouldn't live down the block from each other forever. The blog keeps us updated on each others lives and makes us talk more than we ever would other wise. Now that she lives in Logan, Utah and I live in Chicago, IL it is the glue that holds us together. We blog about journaling, fashion, cooking, our lives, pretty much whatever suits our fancy that day. We blog to capture those brief moments of loveliness and beauty that surround us.

What is hope and what do you hope for?
Hope to me is a brightness. I think this quote from The Great Gatsby sums it up perfectly "Reserving Judgement is a matter of infinite hope." How beautiful are those words? Hope is to give people the benefit of the doubt. To trust others. To let yourself be swept away by an idea.

How do you live your faith? 
I think that I live by faith everyday when I wake up in the morning. To be happy requires faith. To choose to look for the best in this world is to attribute both the good and bad in life to some divine plan. I work in advertising which is a extremely creative field. I feel that using creativity daily also allows me to live my faith because I think we have a Heavenly Father that wants us to create. I think the most fulfilling thing in this life is creating a family. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be able to do that one day. I also live my faith by being kind. Often there just isn't enough of that in the world. 

Thank you so much for having me Kimberly! 

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At May 20, 2013 at 7:07 AM , Blogger Rachael said...

What a beautiful quote about hope. Steve recently said thatI was one of the happiest people he knew (which I took as a great compliment) and I think a large part of this is hope and always looking for the positives, even when you have to look very hard!Rx

At May 20, 2013 at 11:51 AM , Blogger Elisabeth @ Imma Walking Fashion Crime said...

I love Harley. She is just the greatest :)

At May 20, 2013 at 7:55 PM , Blogger Harley said...

love it. thanks for the feature lady!


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