Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some Thoughts For Thursday.

My heart is so full with joy this morning and would love to share my thoughts with you.

On my way to work this morning, I was thinking about life.
My life then and my life now. Wow! What a change! a complete 360!

For a long time, before I came to know God, there was so much turmoil in my life.

Looking back, it really saddens me to think about all the years I wasted living that way.

I spent most of my time partying with friends on the weekends and even sometimes during the week.
My friends and I would drink, laugh, dance, play games and joke around. At the time I thought " is good!" But what it? Was I really loving my life?

No...I wasn't. I was just going through the motions day after day after day. 

My daily life ended up feeling like it was on repeat
and as each day passed there was nothing to look foward to. I felt so lost.

 Looking back I was using the alcohol to cover up all of my struggles and problems I was facing.

 Of course the nights when I was drinking, I forgot about my trials for the night.
But you know what??
The next morning when I would open my eyes
with an upset stomach and a headache....
my problems and the heartache was still there.
That's no way to live. I wasn't truly happy.
I never had peace or even knew what it felt like to have peace.

God has brought me through so much and I know that everything that
happens in my life is for a purpose and has a reasoning. It's all apart of His perfect plan.

I am grateful for the trials, struggles and heartache that I faced then, because it brought me
to come to know God and my Savior and has shaped and formed me into the
daughter of God that I am today.

What have you overcome?
What has God brought you through?

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At January 31, 2013 at 12:19 PM , Blogger 2busy said...

There is that scripture that I can't cite, but it is something to the effect of we have to know sorrow and pain to know happiness. No you know your true happiness.

At February 1, 2013 at 8:34 AM , Blogger Francesca said...

Thank you for sharing this! I'm learning to rely on God through this pregnancy.


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