Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Lets face it. Kids are so busy all the time. I know with our 4 year old, it seems as if she never stops. She has so much energy all the time..sometimes its so hard for me to keep up with her. I wish I had that much energy still! A dear sister that I teach with in Primary watched E a few weeks back while we went to a D-Backs game for a date night. She sent me a text when we were on our way home saying that E was still up and wasn't tired at all (not a big surprise to me). She said that E had enough energy to light up an entire house! It's true. She really does. So how do you keep a busy energetic child occupied? I have found a lot of my games and activity ideas on Pinterest this blog and this blog . I find that some activities she loves and others that I think she will just love she does for a few minutes and then her interest is completely lost. Here are some of her favorite activities:

Squish  hands into a giant tub of colored spaghetti to find the missing letters.

Sort colorful pom poms into the colored egg cartons.

Fairy Dust Sensory Writing Tray

This fun craft is my all time favorite from Growing a Jeweled Rose.
E and I are going to do this this weekend. I know this will be a hit!!

What fun games or activities do your kids love?

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