Wednesday, June 11, 2014


As Mother's, we can all be hard on ourselves. We can often feel like we must be perfect.
The house needs to be clean. The laundry must be done. Meals need to be prepared. 
Oh, and don’t forget about all those extracurricular events for each of your children (sports, music, church activities, etc.)
As we constantly attend to the daily wants and needs of our families, we must not only consider what needs to be done, but why we are actually doing it in the first place.
As a parent we often want to give our children opportunities that we were maybe not offered as we grew up, and sometimes the daily hurrying and scurrying from activity to activity drowns out the cherished moments that create all those lasting memories.
Stop for a minute and ask yourself a question: What matters most to your children?
Do you think it would surprise us to discover that it is the small things that children remember and cherish the most? It isn't all the extravagant family vacations, big houses, toys or fancy cars. Rather, it is the one-on-one time they we share together with our children. That is what matters most and that is what they will forever remember.
How can we create and maintain a healthy and thriving relationship with our children so they can know just how much we love and care for them? 
Here are some tips:
1. Show Your Love Daily
Hugs, kisses, and using the words "I love you" cannot be overused, especially for teens who may battle feelings of self-doubt or insecurity. 
2. Praise and Uplift
Everyone, especially children, thrive on feelings of recognition and acceptance. When we as parents criticize or react negatively to our children's best efforts, it may result in irreparable damage to their self-worth and confidence. Our children can feel best about themselves if they receive praise and positive reinforcement from us.
3. Provide Counsel and Invite Open Communication
We should always strive to help our children develop a healthy sense of their individual worth. We shouldn't minimize or ignore our children's thoughts or feelings, but rather encourage them to express themselves and use that as a platform to openly communicate.
4. Pray With and For Your Children
As parents, we always need help from God on a daily basis. I can't get through a day without talking to him and expressing my hurts, frustrations, desires, etc. I need Him every hour. As we do this, we continually pour out our hearts to God to bless our children we invoke the blessings of heaven. As we do this with our children, we can teach them the power of prayer and set an example that they can emulate.

As a Mother or Father, what are some tips that you have to increase your relationship with your children or to show them just how much you love them? 
I would love to hear your comments! Comment below!

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