Thursday, August 8, 2013


(from left to right)

1. Got a FREE suite to watch the D-Backs game (perks of my Husband's job)
2. Josh is lovin' the game and his new D-Backs hat I bought for him.
3. Got to hang out with my good friend Crystal. It was so nice to see her.
4. New D-Backs tee and necklace from the team shop. Gotta represent right?
5. Swimming in my Mom's pool on a HOT summer night.
6. Shadow went swimming. Not a fan of the water.
7. Found this amazing sushi place right down the street from our house. Never knew it was there.
8. Our eyes were bigger than our stomach I guess. Leftover sushi. Yummm!
9. Morning scripture reading and cuddles with Shadow.
10. Uh-oh....bad Shadow
11. Starting to get things ready to become foster parents! Is this really happening? YES! So excited!
12. Found this car-seat and stroller on Mesa Consign  for just $35 (mint condition) 
13. Gift from my sweet Husband from last year. I must say...he has great taste! 
14. I love couponing! Each of these cost us just $0.10 a piece! Score!
15. Photo Booth time for a summer camp at the Jewish Community Center in Scottsdale.
16. Thumbs up for the D-Backs!
17. New additions to my wardrobe (Target for just $6 on clearance)
18. Found this subway artwork piece on clearance at TJ Maxx ($9.99) and I had to have it! 


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