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I am a wife to a very handsome man, a mom of an energetic little flirt, a dedicated, loving, committed friend and an individual that knows that faith can move mountains. I am a social butterfly, a great Colombian cook, I am an individual that feels honor to serve and love others. I am a fun kind-hearted gal, I am a MORMON! 


I could probably write a book about my unique life, but I'll do my best shot to make it short... Hey I can talk and talk and talk for hours. I was born and grew up in Bogotá, Colombia ( South America ), and yes,  I have an accent and a lot of people have compared me with Sophia Vergara's personality. A little sweet and corky! I was raised by an incredible loving mom and a very social and talented father who sacrificed the best they had to give me a good education and a comfortable life. 

I learned about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 2001 during an open house of the Temple in Bogotá. I remember entering and thinking that I was in the most beautiful and peaceful place in the world. I felt purity, love, a feeling I never felt life was never the same after that day, I knew I wanted to learn more and I didn't want that wonderful feeling to go away.

 After getting baptized in 2002 my life took a 360. To make the story short and not get into too many details, my family's life was in danger and we had to leave everything behind to protect our lives from a terrorist group that decided to threaten our family. To avoid risks,my parents had to rush our way out of the country. I was in school in class and the next thing I was hiding in the back seat of a car on my way to the airport. No goodbyes, there was no time to take it all in, everything happened too fast.

 I said goodbye to my parents and didn't know if that was the last time I will see them again. I was only 15 years old!  All of my goals, my dreams, everything had vanished and we moved to the United States with nothing, as a refuge of the USA, and had to start all over again. I remember that feeling.. it was like leaving the perfect life, closing your eyes and waking up in a strange place. 
I knew I could never go back and didn't know what to expect and what was ahead.

Years passed, and we learned how to live and cope with this event. I was a Catholic before getting baptized, but regardless of my religious background my parents made sure that we knew and loved Christ, and taught us to have faith. I became inactive, in a different country, not speaking the language, without any friends and with a new identity, what do you expect? Even thought my life was a little  complicated at that time, I always loved the gospel and regardless I kept my baptism covenants and tried my best to live a righteous life. Believe it or not, I attended more than 12 different religious groups and meetings for 3 years, but I never felt like l was in the right place.  When I turned 21, I started feeling empty hearted, I knew that spiritually I was missing something and started searching and attending a non denominational christian church, I really enjoyed the meetings, but I still felt like my heart was not where it belonged.

My life took another 360 degree turn when I met a new family that consisted of two brothers and a sister ( Herman, Carlos and Carolina) who just moved from Colombia, best part is, they were LDS(Mormon). I started attending their ward and became active again. 
I felt extremely happy and complete when I walked in that church building for the first time. 

But regardless of all the obstacles in my life I never lost faith, never forgot who I was, an important daughter of Heavenly Father, and never doubted for a minute that there was always a TOMORROW, a tomorrow to be better, to improve and succeed. All that pain that I endured was the best blessing I could ever asked for, it made me who I am today. I am a strong kind hearted woman who loves others unconditionally and is always willing to listen and help. These events shaped my character and through them my testimony grew so strong and it continues to grow today.

Two months after returning to church my parents moved and we were all reunited. Big YAY!  The best part was that I met an incredible man, who didn't care or was scared about my past. A man who took my heart, melted it with love and took my hand in marriage. I have an amazing husband, and incredible in laws!  We celebrated our 6 year anniversary just this past May and now have a gorgeous, incredible fun 2 year old boy. 

I can tell you that life cannot be better! I have no regrets, no sorrow, no why's, all I can say is thank you Heavenly Father for every blessing that I have and for making me learn the hard way. I love myself and who I am and always look forward to defeating any challenges.


So I feel like you don't know me that well yet, yikes, this defeats the whole purpose!!! I love dancing. I'm known for shaking my hips like there is no tomorrow. My favorite workout is Zumba, I love fashion ( just started a new blog (Fit Fun & Faithful), I love cooking and inviting friends over (I like decorating the table and plates, my friends get a 5 star treatment when I have them over for dinner) 

I love camping, shopping, traveling, making jewelry, socializing, movies and new adventures. I'm a very easy going person that is always in the mood to laugh and have a good time. But what I love the most is spending time with my family and creating beautiful memories. 


I am in between the walls right now, I think because of all the life events I had to endure my definition of hope is very different and unique. Hope for me is knowing that there is always a tomorrow, knowing that here are better things to come and never giving up and dream big. Hope is knowing that there is a Father in heaven that wants the best for us. A Father that loves us unconditionally and that He has not placed us on this earth to fail.. in the contrary, to succeed and be the best we can be!  I like to be sarcastic and say with a little of tuff love! He knows us better than we know ourselves and that is the reason why we need to put all of our trust in him regardless of the situation.

I don't know what to hope for. Uh thats a bad thing to say, nutty me! I live day by day counting my blessings and trying to be the best person that I can be.  Oh... and needless to say, I hope to always be kind hearted and the best example for my children to follow.  Wow that's a big expectation!!! 


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, very hard question! I know I am not perfect in anyway, but I'm conscious that I can live my faith by example.  I live my faith by serving and having compassion for others needs and  feelings and trying my best, with realistic expectations, to help them in any way I possibly can. I live my faith by trying to have a Christlike attitude.

Thank you my gorgeous friend for allowing me to share my story with everyone. 
I really enjoyed sharing my testimony! 

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At June 17, 2013 at 3:26 PM , Blogger brittany t said...

So nice to meet you Paola! Thank you for sharing your story and your beliefs :) You have a beautiful family & so glad that you were able to be reunited with yours after you returned to church!

At June 18, 2013 at 10:23 PM , Blogger Paola Fry said...

Thank you so much Brittany, I'm glad you enjoyed my testimony and my story. I do feel like all the wait and sacrifices were completelly worth it. I am very happy and have an amazing family. You are very sweet and I look forward hearing from you. Visit my blog and keep in touch Hope you have a good night!


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