Monday, February 11, 2013

I Am a Mormon Monday: Laura from the Outfit Addiction

About Me:
I'm Laura Harrison and I blog over at The Outfit Addiction.  I am currently a sophomore in college and I plan on pursuing a career in Public Relations.  I want to work for my church in public affairs or a professional sports team... two contrasting options I know :)  Clothing is one of my absolute favorite things in this world.  I could talk about clothes, look at clothes and buy clothes for hours!  Besides that...I love spending time with my roommates and best friends.  My perfect idea of a Friday night is hitting up a party with my friends and then coming back home and pinning and talking for hours.  Oh that's another thing, Pinterest!  I adore it.  My family is the best and I am so lucky to have older siblings that are my best friends as well.  I am the baby in my family (and no I am not spoiled because of it even though some of my siblings would beg to differ) so I have been blessed to be an auntie to 5 adorable nieces and nephews!  
What is hope and what do you hope for?
Hope is believing in the good things to come.  It's keeping your head up after a hard day in hopes of a good day tomorrow.  In my life, I hope I can everything I can to help others and be an example of good in the world.
How I live my faith
I live my faith by trying to be a standing example of Jesus Christ and everything my church stands for.  I live my faith by loving it and believing in it.  It's a lot easier to stand up for what I believe in and be an example when I have a foundation of love for my church.  I also live my faith by living it fully and obediently.  I believe the greatest blessings come when you don't try to take short cuts and you fulfill all that you are asked to do. 

Thanks so much to Kimberly for doing this awesome segment! 

 I think it is truly amazing what you are doing :) 
What a way to be an awesome missionary!
I hope all of you check out my blog!

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