Monday, December 17, 2012

I Am a Mormon Monday

Hi, Corinne here! I write a little blog called The Lookbook where my husband and I get real about life, style, and parenthood.
What is hope and what do you hope for?
Hope is something that I do everyday. I am constantly hoping that I can be a good wife to my husband and a loving mother to my baby girl. Everyday I hope that my husband gets home safely from school, that my baby doesn't have a break-down in Target, and that I can remember to lock the front door. I also hope that my loved ones are happy and healthy, and that I never do anything to upset or disappoint them. Quite frankly, there are some days that I just hope I can get my teeth brushed and dinner on the table. It's that hope in both the simple and in the complex that keeps me appreciative and aware of the fragility of life. Hope is something that motivates me to be a better person, for myself and for those around me.
How do you live by your faith?
I live by my faith through simple and daily acts. Sometimes it's as simple as saying a prayer or visiting a friend in need. My faith in God is something that I try to weave seamlessly into my life... I live it when I sing a hymn to my baby girl as I rock her to sleep, when I hold my husbands hand during church, or when I take a walk to enjoy this beautiful earth. Those tender moments keep me grounded and turned towards the Lord.
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Thanks for another one of these!


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