Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Recently I was given the opportunity to try out some Kusyfoot products. I had never heard of the brand before but glad that I was able to try them because they are so awesome! 

Kushyfoot has been offering stylish legwear solutions while keeping the focus on comfort since 2003. Products either feature a specially designed sole with a massaging sensation or a cushioned sole to help you feel comfortable in your shoes throughout the day. Offering a wide assortment of products ranging from foot covers, socks, knee highs and tights, Kushyfoot has everything to suit your needs!

Lets take a look at what I got.....

This is such a great idea! These are perfect for your peep toe heels. They offer incredible comfort, protection and also have a support grip in the back too.

These lace top toe covers are not only pretty looking, but have a clear built in strap to hold them in place if to wear with your slingbacks. In looking through my closet, I actually have no slingbacks so I wore them with my black ballet flats instead. 
These foot covers with a cotton sole on the bottom are so comfy. They are literally like wearing slippers. They are perfect for this other pair of black flats that I have because the they used to be uncomfortable to just put on but now anymore...I can wear these and problem is solved!

These sport foot covers are perfect for sneakers/slip on sneakers. They worked perfectly with my Sam Edelman slip on sneakers. So comfortable and you can't even see a hint of pink!

Genius! Flats to Go. According to Kushyfoot, "Flats to Go are a girl's best friend after spending a long day in heels or uncomfortable shoes. These light and foldable ballerina shoes can be stored in your purse so they will always be in reach when your feel need it the most!" When I take my lunch at work or go out after work, the first thing I want to do is take my heels off and put something comfortable on. To be honest when I first took these out of the package, they didn't feel like they would be comfortable. Once I put them on I was really surprised. They really are comfy and because of the ridging on the bottom, when walking it feels like they are massaging your feet. I will definitely be carrying these with me everywhere. 

Be sure to visit Kusyfoot to check out all of their fabulous products. 

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