Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Last week, my Husband Josh emailed me and in the subject line it said "Do you think she will like this or what?!?! I opened up the email to find this picture that he attached......

For just a moment I am just going to brag about my Husband a little bit. He can literally fix and recreate anything. Leave it up to him, he gets the job done! I remember when our garbage disposal went out. Instead of calling a professional to come and take a look at it, his response was "Oh I can fix this..just you watch, wait and see honey!" As he took it apart, there were parts all over our kitchen floor and of course I am thinking..."We should have called someone" Well sure enough, he put everything back together and wah-la worked liked it was brand new! Some other projects that he has done (built our entertainment center in our living room and bedroom, installed sprinklers in our front and back yard, gutted out our walk in pantry to make it bigger, did the electrical work in our spare bedroom, installed a fence around our pool, etc.) I am so grateful for my sexy handy man! 

When he sent me a picture of this sprinkler, my first thought was "of course you did!" 

I think it's pretty safe to say that E absolutely loves this!    

2 10 foot pieces of 1/2 inch PVC pipe
1 PVC t-joint
1 PVC hose to pipe connector
4 PVC elbow joints
PVC cement
PVC pipe cutting tool (optional, but super nice!)
drill with 1/16 inch drill bit


Cut 10 foot pipes into 4 four feet pieces. You will not need the excess amount, but be sure to save it in case you need to make repairs later. Drill random holes along the length of each 4 foot pipe. Try to keep the holes towards the upper third of the pipe, but you can slant them any direction you want. Cut one 4 foot section of pipe in half. The hose connector and t-joint will be used here. Use PVC cement to glue the t-joint, the hose connector and the pipe pieces together. Glue the remaining pieces together using the elbow joints to connect each side and make a square. Let PVC cement dry completely (it will dry pretty quick) then screw hose into hose connector piece. Turn the water on and enjoy! When you are ready to put it away, unscrew the hose and tip it upside down to drain all the water out. 

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