Monday, November 11, 2013

I Am a Mormon Monday: Meet Dani

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About Me:
My name is Dani, I am currently a student studying public relations. I started "Walking on Sunshine" after my freshman year of college. I was obsessed with reading blogs like Hey Natalie Jean and Love Taza and I aspired to be like the women who write them. Although I wasn't anywhere near being a mom, I wanted to write about my passions and dreams through my interesting college experiences. My blog has been an outlet of creativity. On Mondays, I write about my thoughts and things I've been pondering. On Tuesdays, I try to write positive posts for my readers so they can have a "walking on sunshine" kind of day. On Wednesdays, I share what I'm wishing for. (Clothes, accessories, shoes, etc..) I would like to work in the fashion industry one day...Fashion PR to be exact. Thursdays, I share my favorite music playlist, and on Friday I share links that I think my readers would love to see. Walking on Sunshine is like a memoir of adventures, downfalls, and aspirations. P.S. My blog will soon be overtaken by the love of my life Tyler, seeing as we are going to be married in December and want to turn the blog into something we do together. Stop by, read, have a good laugh, and smile. 

What is hope and what do you hope for?
Hope is having the faith to carry on during hard times. It's discovering who you are as a child of God in a world that tries to tell you who you ought to be. Hope is trying to make the world a better place with service, kindness, and acceptance to everyone around you. I have found hope in the darkest of places where I have felt inadequate to my peers, in those moments I have had small glimpses that I am of infinite worth and that there is so much in store for me. I hope to be happy and live a happy life. I hope to impact others for good. And I also hope to travel with Tyler, eat good food, meet beautiful people, and experience the beauties of life despite trials and bumps in the road. 

How do you live your faith? 
I look for opportunities to serve and help other people, whether it be by my blog posts or physical acts of service. I love living by Christ's forgive others and to reach out to those that might not have anyone. Every day I choose to be a better person and to be the person God wants me to become. 

Thank you so much for having me Kimberly!!!

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