Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Think Higher. Believe Higher. Live Higher: Time Out For Women 2013

Elevate your life at Time Out For Women 2013 When the Lord says in Isaiah 55:9, "So are my ways higher than your ways". we see it as an invitation to move beyond what we have known and to find a higher way of living. This year, TOFW invites you to THINK HIGHER about your purpose, BELIEVE HIGHER as you face challenges that will require all your faith and heart, and LIVE HIGHER as you choose between good, better, and best in this busy world. Gather your favorite women of all faiths and get ready for a surprising weekend event full of music, humor, service, and thoughtful gospel insights that will elevate your spirit, recharge your soul, and send you back into the world stronger and more connected to God. For over 10 years, Time Out for Women has been inviting faithful women to step away from the daily routine and make space for themselves and their spiritual lives. What started as an inspirational weekend event full of music, cheering, presenters, friends, and laughter has grown into a worldwide community of like-minded women seeking good. Whether they connect through or at a local event, TOFW women are choosing to be uplifted, re-energized  educated, entertained, and inspired with thousands of women all over the world. 

Also check out Time Out For Girls Time Out for Girls is an exciting, fresh, motivational weekend event just for GIRLS ages 12 to 17. TOFG gives girls two days of powerful messages, stories, and answers from presenters and music artists selected JUST FOR THEM. Girls leave TOFG with a renewed excitement about their place in the world, a deeper connection to themselves and their family, and a better understanding of their relationship with God. Time Out for Girls events are scheduled at the same time and in the same venue as TOFW but in a different hall. 

Carmen Rasmussen, Time Out for Girls presenter and former American Idol contestant, 
takes off her makeup and talks about Hollywood's standard of beauty and why we should rethink it.

To see if TOFW (Time Out For Women) or TOFG (Time Out For Girls) 
is going to be near you, click on the events page to find your location.

For Phoenix, you can register HERE



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