Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Support Modest Fashions

Today I would love to introduce you to Aimee. She is amazing and I love her drive for modest fashion.

Aimee has always had a passion for modesty, especially now, raising four young children, and trying to lead by example. More than anything, She wants her children, girls and boys, to be respectful to their bodies, and the bodies of other people. She wants her children to know they don’t have to show off their bodies to attract attention. Aimee’s want for modesty and respect doesn't stop with her children. Every time they go out, Aimee’s husband can rest a little easier knowing she respects her body enough to keep her body sacred and reserved for her one and only. In doing so, she is not only showing respect to herself, children, and husband, but also to the other women’s husbands and sons by not causing inappropriate attention.  In 2006, Aimee was married to her husband in the Mesa Arizona, LDS temple. Because of the lack of immodest fashionable clothing, she has always had to layer. Aimee grew up in Mesa, Arizona where in the summer; you spend more time sweating than you do living. This was one of the driving forces behind her thriving motivation to find modest clothing, without having to layer. 

    Through hours which turned into days, the days which turned into weeks, and the weeks which turned into months of Aimee’s research, she found the price tag of fashionable clothing and accessories, was too far beyond her budget. Anyone on a tight budget should have a chance to be able to get something cute!  As a result of Aimee’s diligence, will and motivation to fight through adversity, negativity, and being told she would never be able to achieve her goal, Aimee is ecstatic to announce she will now be selling fashionable clothing and accessories at a price tag that will be much more affordable across the board!                                                   

      Included in Aimee’s research, was finding what was in demand, but not made available to the people. This included:
       1. Dressing modestly without having to layer. 
       2. Finding even though someone may be a plus size in clothing, their clothes don’t have to be box shaped. Instead, they can still be form fitting and fashionable. 
       3. Finding complaint after complaint about other stores not having XL and above without having to visit the specialty stores. Not only this, but Aimee has found through complaints as well as through her time staking research, that sizes can change at the same store, on the same piece of clothing. Aimee herself has found this to be true. 
Aimee has changed fashion as we know it by offering a range of sizes all available at Modest Fashions with just the click of a button. These sizes will range from XS to 3XL, with the possibility of adding more sizes in the future. Plus, thanks to Aimee, whether you purchased an XL article of clothing last week, last month, or last year, every new article of clothing will be made off the same personally customized sizing chart made by Aimee. 

When you purchase an article of clothing and recommended accessory together, you will not need to worry about matching colors because Aimee has already gone through the stress of matching them for you. From necklaces to belts, and even men’s ties, you will never have to drag you clothes to the store again to match what they are selling and have to hope for the best.

As Modest Fashions begins to grow, Aimee has her mind set on branching out into other styles and genres of modest clothing. She is currently working on modest and fashionable fitness wear. Aimee knows how large the need is to have cute workout attire that not only can be worn indoors, but can also be made to feel comfortable wearing outside and at the store. Through her research, Aimee found that women may feel comfortable wearing their workout attire at home or at the gym because that is basically the dress code, but they did not feel comfortable wearing those same clothes at the store, picking up their children, etc. “Why wouldn't you just take a shower and get changed” you might ask? Well for those of you who have children, you know very well how fast things can change. You may be working out one minute, and find yourself picking your child up at school because he/she is sick. That is just one example of very many scenarios where taking the time to shower and get changed would be nice, but just isn't feasible. 

Aimee is currently spanning out into bridal gowns. Aimee’s own personal experience is what gave fire to this idea. Aimee had to find a wedding dress that had a high enough neckline and sleeves, and when she couldn't find that, she had to alter her dress within her budget to make that possible.
     Aimee hasn't stopped there. She is currently branching out into modest children’s clothing,  along with modest swim wear. Let’s face it; surely Aimee is brewing up some more ideas as we speak.
      As mentioned in the beginning, Aimee has four young children. Since Aimee has been continuously nursing, she has needed to find clothing that was not only modest, but also nursing friendly. She looked and looked, but had no luck. Once again, this gave Aimee another mission: find clothing that was modest and nursing friendly. Tada! Aimee is proud to announce most of her clothing although not specifically designed for pregnant women, will be maternity friendly, and all of her clothing will be modest, fashionable, and nursing friendly!

Want to support Aimee??
Aimee has spent a lot of her patience, time, and attention to give people what they have always wanted and desired. Aimee would sincerely appreciate it if you would kindly help her fund Modest Fashions for bulk production and always affordable prices. You can simply help by providing her with a donation as little as a $1, and as much as $10,000 and getting started on your new modest wardrobe. 
Click HERE to show Aimee your love and support for modest fashions!

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