Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My First Food Truck Experience

Yeah yeah I know what you are thinking...."You have never ate food from a food truck?!?!"
Yesterday was my first food truck experience. One Eighty Q came out to our office building
from 11-1pm. They are known for being the best bbq in town. After trying One Eighty Q,
I think I would have to agree with them on that. The food was so tasty and had so much flavor.
I can now say that I have ate food from a food truck. Full success!! Have you heard of food truck
Fridays? Well they have one in Phoenix that I would love to take Josh to or go with friends, not only
for all the different types of food but just for the experience too. Adding this onto my date night "to do" list.


//Beef brisket tacos and spicy mac & cheese//


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