Friday, July 5, 2013


Cardigan: Target // Dress: Target // Belt: Down East Basics // Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson // Earrings: F21 // 
Bracelet: From my Husband's mission in Brazil (made out of coconuts) // Ring: Boutique  // Shoes: Nine West Outlet

I wore this outfit to work a little over a week ago. Every night around 9:30pm its the same routine.
 I pick out my outfit for work the next day and iron it. I put this fun outfit together and couldn't find any shoes that looked good with it. Every shoe I tried on just didn't seem to look right with the outfit. As I was searching through all my shoes, I spotted  these gladiator wedges. Perfect! I totally forgot that I even had these shoes! I got these shoes for just $24.99 at the Nine West outlet in Oregon when I lived there 4 years ago. What a steal!! I tried them on with my outfit and it was a match made in heaven!! Wearing these shoes really makes me feel like I can take on the entire world!

Has this ever happened to you when you find something you forgot you had? What was it? What did you wear it with?

If so...I would LOVE for you to send me a few pictures of your item along with a little paragraph about what happened and how you found out that you still had that item so I can feature it on my blog. Well hurry it up already!!!!!! Email:

Hey btw...don't forget to link up your outfits below!

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