Friday, May 10, 2013


//Day 10: Most embarrassing moments//

I can remember from the time I was in middle school and part of high school I was a very very shy person.
I was shy when it came to anything. I was shy to meet other people and I  specifically remember getting really shy when any of my teachers would call on me in class. 
My heart would start racing, my face would get hot and my palms start to sweat.

Now...there are not very many things that make me shy, uncomfortable or embarrassed.

I used to absoulutely dread getting up in front of people to talk or give a speech and now
I can get up in front of a congregation of 100-300+ people no problem.

I am not shy to talk to anyone. I make an effort every day to either smile, say hello,
have a good day, or how is your day going to everyone that I come in contact with.

I do that because you never know what other people are going through. We all have our trials, struggles and challenges that we are facing on a daily basis. There is always someone out there that has it a lot worse than we may think. I believe that maybe a simple smile or telling them to have a great day will make them feel good or like someone does care. Making others feel good makes me feel good.

I am confident with who I am in Christ.
I am ME and I wouldn't want it any other way.
I am here to SHINE and be who my Heavenly Father created me to be.
I am going to do just that!!

Anyways..sorry for going on and on...lets get down to the embarrassing stuff!

So when I was thinking about some of my most embarrassing moments, two moments came to my mind.

Picture this.......

Embarrassing Moment #1

-Dating a really good looking guy name Jason
-Haven't been dating Jason for too long (1-2 months)
-Took a day trip to the beach with a group of friends
-Walking along the boardwalk going in and out of stores
-Ate some really good ice cream
-Played volleyball and went swimming in the ocean
-Layed out tanning on the warm sand to dry off before leaving
-Put my tank top and white shorts back on
-Went to get some dinner back on the boardwalk
-Walking back to our cars to head back home
-Jason kindly opens my door to let me into his truck
-I step up into his truck
-Jason: " have something on your shorts"
-Me: "Really? What is it??"
-Jason: "Ummm....I think you might need to look for's all red"
-I feel my face heating up and know instantly exactly what it is! Ahhh!
-I run to the bathroom and turn around and look in the mirror
-All over the back of my WHITE shorts was bright red blood!!
-Of course! Smart idea Kimberly wearing white shorts. They couldn't of been black!?! Come on!!
-I go back to see Jason with my beach towel wrapped around my waist and get into his truck
-Face is still bright bright red and burning up from embarrassment
-He was really cool about it and just chuckled a little bit and asked if he could do anything to help

Embarrassing Moment #2

-I was in middle school
-It was my best friend Jamie's birthday
-She had her party at her house with pizza, ice cream, games and movies
-She invited quite a few people, including the guy I had a major crush on
-We are all hanging out talking, laughing, eating pizza and having a great time
-She had a huge basement with a huge TV and wall seating built all around the room
-Here I am talking to some girls and trying to get my "crush" to notice me
-I go to sit down and feel something really really warm on my butt
-I stand up with piece of pizza and paper plate stuck right to the back of my butt!!
-Standing there in awe completely and utterly embarrassed, it slid right off my butt onto the floor
-Everyone started hysterically laughing at me, including my crush
-I didn't have any other option but to laugh with them at myself 
-Jamie took me upstairs to change out of my pizza pants and gave me some pants to borrow
-I was so embarrassed!
-I went back down stairs and tried to act like nothing had happened


Hope you enjoyed my two most embarrassing 
moments and got some laughs out of them.
I know I did!!

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At May 10, 2013 at 9:12 AM , Blogger Kerrin Chance said...

hahahaha Awe Kimberly!! Why do all your embarrassing moments involve your butt??

haha i can't believe you sat in pizza and didn't even notice haha AWwwwee these are great!

I've got many embarrassing moments.

xoxo k

At May 10, 2013 at 2:22 PM , Blogger Carolyne O' said...

So funny and cute dear :D
what about following each other? Just let me know!




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