Friday, January 6, 2012


Today I am linking up with Ashley over at The Shine Project. Have you heard of The Shine Project??
 So many people have but if you haven't, you really need to
 take the time to hop over to her blog and check her out!
She is beyond amazing!
She is gorgeous, smart, and loves serving others.

 I have never actually met her in person, but when you read her blog, you can see why she is so wonderful.
 This year Ashley is going to continue to challenge us weekly to be the best self we can be!  Every week Ashley will be giving her readers a challenge so we can all continue to encourage each other.

This week Ashley had us reflect on the following question:
If I could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
Write down the first thing that comes to mind.
How can you help make that change.
When I first read the challenge question, my mind starting racing with all the many things that need to change in this world we live in.
The more I continued to ponder about this question, these words came to my mind:
Let's face it, we live in a very self-serving generation where some people only think about themselves and don't think twice about lifting a finger to help someone else that may be in need.
Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone served, respected and loved one another??
I think to make this change, it can just start with ONE person. One person is sometimes all it takes to be an example to others around them. Once people see what an example that person is, they are more likely to take a over-all look at themselves and see what they can do to make a change also.

It's contagious...
Ashley is such a perfect example. She has come so far and has worked so hard to get where she is now.
Showing love...
Showing service...
 Thousands of people see her acts of love and service and her heart that is made of gold.

Then they follow......

I really love this quote by Thomas S. Monson:

"As we look heavenward, we inevitably learn of our responsibility to reach outward. To find real happiness, we must seek for it in a focus outside ourselves. No one has learned the meaning of living until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow man. Service to others is akin to duty, the fulfillment of which brings true joy. We do not live aloneā€”in our city, our nation, or our world. There is no dividing line between our prosperity and our neighbor's wretchedness. 'Love thy neighbor' is more than a divine truth. It is a pattern for perfection."

All of us need to be a "light" unto this world that we live in to bear each others burdens and to serve one another with love and respect.
The more "light" WE shine by being an example to others around us,  the more others will see our "light" shine and have the desire to possibly SHINE too.


At January 6, 2012 at 7:45 PM , Blogger Elisha(: said...

She is AMAAAAZING!!!<3 an inspiration.

At January 6, 2012 at 7:48 PM , Blogger Janine said...

That is beautifully written. I will take your challenge.


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