Thursday, June 5, 2014


For the past few months, Josh and I have been in the process of updating and changing a few things in our new home. I love the fact that this home is ours, that we can change and do whatever we want to it to make it the way we like it and make it our home together. I get so excited when Josh comes up with a new project or something that he wants to do to our house because we are doing it together and it's so much fun. When we first moved in, I literally unpacked everything and had the house decorated the way I wanted it within just a few days. Sometimes I change little things here and there and move furniture around, but for the most part, I love our home just the way it is. We have tile all throughout our house, except for in the bedrooms. Lately, we have been trying to find a cute area rug for our living room. I love the selection that Floors USA has here.
The colors in our living room are black, robin's egg blue, with white and beige accents. Here are some of the ones that I think would look great in our living room. Would love your opinion! Which one is your favorite?

What are some changes, projects or updates that you would like to make to your home?
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