Friday, August 16, 2013

Amazon: CRAZY HOT Deal on Diapers!!

Wow! If you're not a member of Amazon Mom yet and have children in diapers, this is a deal that you might want to sign up for. Right now, you can sign up for a FREE 3 month trial of Amazon Mom AND receive $25 off your first pack of diaper. You'll also get free shipping! Like with almost everything, I tried this deal out before posting it and it's totally legit. Check out this amazing deal that I got on Seventh Generation size 4 diapers!

I paid $8.89 for 135 diapers! Amazing!

Here's what you'll need to do to get this promotion:

1. Head over to Amazon Mom and sign up for a 3 month trial before 8/30. You will need to enter your credit card information because after the 3 month trial, they will automatically charge you the $39 for the membership. (To avoid that charge, all you need to do is cancel your membership once you receive the diapers.)

2.Add a pack of eligible diapers to your cart. (Don't forget to click Subscribe and Save and any coupons listed on the page to get a lower price.)

3. At checkout, enter promo code BABYTIME. (The code initially didn't want to work for me, but when I put a space between BABY and TIME, it worked perfectly.)


Here's an example of the deal that I did:
Bought one pack of size 4 Seventh Generation diapers $46.55
-Clipped the $4.00 coupon on the page to bring total down to $42.55

-Selected the option for Subscribe & Save on the right hand side to bring my total down to $37.24. (I chose to have the "Delivery every 6 months" option so that I could remember to cancel the account before being charged.

-Clicked Subscribe Now.
-At checkout, add BABYTIME or BABY TIME in the promo code box. 
-As shown above, when all was said and done I paid $8.89! I aim to spend 15¢ or less per diaper. With this deal, I spent 6¢ per diaper!

NOTE: Amazon's prices can change at any time, 
meaning that they can go up in price or go down lower.

Thanks, Hip2Save & Jen!

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