Thursday, July 25, 2013


My eyelashes are not that long and are pretty thin, so mascara is a huge deal to me and I am pretty choosy on what I use. I have bought so many mascaras in all price ranges. 

Department store mascara (MAC) to a tube of $1.00 mascara from the Dollar Tree.  I have come to realize that price has nothing to do with the quality. The mascara I usually use that I love is Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. It makes my eyes look bigger and my lashes longer with adding more definition to them. Even though I love great lash mascara, I am always willing to try something new. A few weeks ago I decided to buy the new Scandal eyes mascara by Rimmel at Walgreens. Have you tried this mascara yet?

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Curve Alert Mascara is supposed to lift and plump every single lash with it’s gravity defying curved brush. I have to tell you that this mascara has the THICKEST and BIGGEST brush I have ever seen! Now you would think that if the brush was bigger, it would coat your lashes a lot more and a lot faster right? Wrong! When applying just one coat, it coats too much and makes your lashes look really clumpy. PLUS, the brush is so thick and big that when you are applying it, its hard not to get any around your eyes. So I thought...okay maybe I have too much on the brush? Wrong again! I wiped the extra mascara on the tube and tried applying some mascara to the other eye. Same problem...clumpy! I then had to get a q-tip with a little water to wipe the little marks of mascara around my eyes.  I think that the size of the brush is my biggest objection against this product. Maybe if it was smaller it would apply  a lot better. 

Normally I would finish this mascara because of my frugal
 nature...but I think I might just (as Kerri would say...) "pitch it"

Looks like I am going to stick with Maybelline Great lash for now.

Have you tried Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Curve Alert mascara? Are you a fan?

What mascara do you use that you love?



I purchased this product for review purposes.

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