Monday, September 1, 2014

I Am a Mormon Monday: Meet Landon

I am a twenty-something gal, married to my best friend, mom to the cutest 2 year old boy in the world, foster mom, hoping to adopt, piano and voice teacher, with depression and anxiety, a deep love of theater and Coca-Cola. I am a Mormon!! 

Hello there.... I'm Landon!  I have been married to my prince charming for seven years.  We got married in the Portland, Oregon temple after meeting at BYU and have been enjoying life together ever since!  We had a difficult time getting and staying pregnant, but then we were blessed with our miracle child - he is now 2 and we simply adore him.  I can't have any more biological children, but we have always known that we wanted to adopt.  We felt very directed to pursue foster care and are hoping to adopt.  When I'm not chasing my kiddos, you can find me at the piano or singing.  I teach piano and voice lessons and love it!  I also love theatre and hope to go to graduate school to get my MFA in directing. I was raised in a Mormon household.  And, while I was baptized when I turned 8, my conversion to the church came when I was 12.  My family moved from Detroit MI to Portland OR when I was 12.  I was very unhappy about it and complained to everyone about having to leave the only home I'd ever known!  I prayed that our house in Detroit wouldn't sell so we wouldn't have to move.  Well, we moved anyway and lived in an apartment until the house sold.  One night, I broke down.  I felt so bad about seeing my parents so stressed and unhappy.  I knew they wanted to be in Portland and be closer to family.  I prayed (more liked begged!) that our house would sell - I remember pleading with God that the house would sell the next day!  When I came home from school the next day, my parents were at the bus stop waiting for me - I thought someone had died!  Turns out they had gotten and accepted an offer on the house!  It was then that I knew that God knows me, listens to my prayers, and cares about me!  This one experience has shaped my life.  I have always known that I can turn to God in prayer and He will listen with all the care and love of the perfect father. 

What is hope and what do you hope for?
Hope has been my anchor word, especially since becoming a foster mom.  My go to scripture lately has been Hebrews 6:19 "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."  My anchor is rooted in Jesus Christ because I know that he is firm and secure and never fails.  I have depression/anxiety and often times my worry spirals almost out of control.  But Christ is always constant and has the perfect balm to my fears.  Hope isn't just a nice idea.  Hope is a real and living thing.  It brings peace and reassurance.  I hope for happiness for myself, my husband, and children.  I hope for a successful adoption soon.  I hope for an eternal family.  

 How do you live your faith?
I live my faith by choosing moment by moment.  This life isn't easy.  But it's not meant to be.  Life isn't so much about who has it harder or easier, but about how we choose to deal with our challenges.  I choose faith.  And while my sphere of influence is small right now, mostly within the walls of my own home, I try to keep my focus on Christ and in such a way that would make Him happy.  I choose to pray with my children.  To pray with my husband.  To pray by myself.  I choose to smile, to share the happiness and love that I feel inside, to serve, to be kind and generous.  One of the things that I am working on is letting my faith be bigger than my fear.  Where faith lives, fear cannot enter.  I am working daily on putting my trust and hope in God.  It's not easy, but it's a much happier way to live! 

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If you are interested in being featured on my blog for I Am a Mormon Monday. Please contact me and I will add you to the list! Right now I am booked out through November.  
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