Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Me Me Me & Mommy

I can't believe it's almost November!  So crazy!  This year has flown by so fast!
61 days until Christmas! Yippee!
Today I have the wonderful opportunity to introduce you to my "Big Deal" ad sponsor!
She is gorgeous and simply amazing. I suggest that you hop on over to her fabulous blog and show her some love!
Now, lets say hello....
Meet: Emily @ Me Me Me & Mommy

About Emily
Well Im not to good at taking about myself!
 I'm a mother to 3 amazing boys. I have 3 boys 5 and under and I'm a stay at home mommmy. I love to spend time with my kids, shop, I really like to buy toys we have way to many. When I became a mother I really gave up shopping for myself and now I love to buy toys, kids clothes and kid stuff. I love being a sports mommy. My son is amazing wrestler. I spend most of my days with my kids I live in a very small town and there really is not much to do. Thats why I started this blog to show my family that lives far away what we do every day and other mothers you can never be bored when you have kids!

Tell us about your blog
My blog is all about my life as a mother to 3 boys. I just write about my kids fun things we do my life and Im going to start doing some dyi and a house tour very soon.

5 Interesting Things About You
 1.) Im adopted

2.) Im a vegetarian I have never eaten meat in my life( and no none of my family is vegetarian just me.

3.) I lived in mexico for 2 years and went to school I was only 14 and 15.

 4.) I talked my way into a English class in hight school that a teacher said no I cant and will not get into that class(well I did and I graduated a year before my class!) My dad a lawyer he taught me well.

 5.) In high school I loved a music group. they were playing in a town close to mine so myself a friend and her brother made pass and said we worked for the paper they let us back stage and we interviewed them ( I feel bad for lying  now) but man at that time I was a happy 17 year old girl.

Any Fun Plans for the Holidays?
 We always do a big count down with the kids starting on Dec first I give them a little gift and we do something fun like make cookies look at lights make Christmas cards. This year Im going to do a post every day starting on Dec 1st of all the fun things I do with the kids. Other than that just spoil my kids with love and lots of gits. I do go a little over board with the kids!


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