Wednesday, December 7, 2011

700 Yards Away

Yup, that's right! We're moving on December 12th.
Only 700 yards away that is....
This is what our 1 bedroom apartment has looked like for the past few weeks. It's kinda rough being surrounded by piles of boxes everywhere, but exciting at the same time.
In our new place we will be getting  a lot more space, new carpeting, new countertops, AND a fireplace! Whoot Whoot!!
We had a storage unit that we were renting which was costing us almost $100 a month for a tiny 5xNothing! Can you believe that!
We spoke with the office to see how much a two bedroom would cost and it's the exact cost for what we are paying for the storage unit. Duh!!
So...we are moving on up to a two bedroom! More space for the both of us and our many things that we have accumulated over time.

And....hopefully in the near future for a little Bonham :)


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