Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl: Arizona Walks

Arizona Walks

Monday, November 16, 2015

(Baby) Outfit: Carters // (Kaelyn) Top: Carters // Flip Flops: Target // Jeans: Thrifted

Here in Arizona, the weather is finally starting to cool down from the heat. Not only is this my favorite time of year because of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but because the weather here in Arizona is just perfect. When the weather gets like this, our favorite thing to do is be outside and especially go for long walks around our neighborhood. I love to feel the cool breeze, listen to the birds, and love watching Kaelyn ride her bike laughing, smiling and having fun. 

What are some of the things your family does outside to have fun? 

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  1. Cute photos! I live in AZ too, and I'm loving this cooler weather.

    1. Thank you Jessa! Where are you in Arizona? I am in Chandler :)


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